Social media marketing

We develop marketing strategies and creative campaigns that leverage the strengths of traditional and non-traditional media- to promote brands through Integrated Marketing.

WE WORK INDEPENDENTLY OR AS AN EXTENTION TO YOUR CURRENT TEAM We Help You Execute Advanced Marketing Programs by Extending the Capabilities of Your Existing Agency and in House Team. You Gain the Knowledge and Experience of Digital Marketing Experts, Without the Cost of Hiring, Training and Managing Several Full-Time Employees.2015-b2b-datapagebd

“Social media can be complex to plan, execute and scale without the right technology platform. Through Kenshoo Social, the Sears Holdings team has been able to quantify and improve the results we see from Facebook advertising and unlock the full value of this social channel. Kenshoo Social’s unique workflow tools helps us quickly create targeted campaigns and the tailored algorithms help optimize to our specific goals.”

We Create Social-Savvy Businesses

A frontier-like atmosphere has emerged in the social media space for the last few years. Agency after agency has attempted to turn social media marketing into a gold rush for businesses across multiple industries by deploying widgets, tracking clicks, buying fans, etc.

The failure to produce a conventional ROI has stemmed from expecting to turn social investment into revenue without first creating a Return On Influence by increasing your brand equity in the social space.

This is why DataPage Studio exists – to drive influence first so that we can systematically provide a trackable return on investment over time.

Who We Work With

We work with a variety of businesses both inside and outside of the hospitality space, ranging from nationally recognized chains all the way to historic, one-of-a-kind properties. The Pipeline system and our expert team easily adapt to fit your business-specific needs and interests.